Saturday, July 19, 2008


It's amazing how the mind forgets so many negatives from the past. I had a boyfriend through most of the first part of college who lived 6 hours away from me. He was younger and still in high school. I saw him maybe three times a year, but he wrote me letters at college and called me. He took me to my first real party one time when I was visiting him in Illinois.

I was such a nerd in high school that I never went to parties. I mostly sat home with a book. But not when I was around this boy. I doubt he ever sat home with a book. He seemed to always be active, at least when I was there. He would take me to this friends house or to the park, push me in the swings. We would go to the college campus and I would watch him skateboard.

He seemed really romantic when I was nineteen. The memories of him seem really romantic now actually and I haven't seen him in 14 years, which is a really long time, even longer than I knew him. Still, he even drove to my boring little town in Tennessee from Illinois to see me (6 hours!). I remember thinking that was the sweetest thing.

Apparently my mind glosses over the fact that he dated other girls the 360 days of the year that I was not around. He even moved in with one before our relationship truly ended. At least, that spelled the end of it for me though. Still, when he came through Tennessee on the way to Georgia later that year, he stopped by my parents house to see me. He even went to the house next door because he couldn't remember for certain which house it was. Awwwwwwwww!!

I thought he was the love of my life until I met my husband. I still wish I knew where he was. His mother is in Illinois, so is his sister. I think his father is in Michigan. I'm putting this out there in the hopes that maybe he uses the Internet. He'd be 32 now. Sean Aljabori, if you read this, please comment.


Jeremiah said...

funny I'm looking for the same guy, we're college friends, lived together in Flagstaff, I'm in Bangkok right now. He flew out here once and I got to show him around for a day. I'll tell him about you when I find him.. I have ways of tracking that crazy lil homie down.

My name is Jeremiah Hundley,
but Sean and the rest of the NAU clan are
the ones who started calling me Miah... I think
it was a snowboarder thing... ay yo... that's cherry
cherry pow bra!!!

nice to meet you.

you can reach me at

Anonymous said...


hey, my bro in Bangkok just called and said someone on the internets was looking for me.

how are you?!?! it's been a while for sure. i have many fond memories of you too.

i got a BS in Chemistry and work for a pharma-co in Michigan right now.
my e-mail is (simply enough)

i'm amazed you remember how to spell my name.

i really don't know where to begin.

drop me a line, i'd love to catch up with you...