Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Blog address

I spent the last year teaching public school and working at Domino's. I was non-renewed at the end of the school year and have been looking for another job since. I wanted to move out of the area and go somewhere else, but my son likes our neighborhood and his preschool plus he is finally potty-trained. I don't want to jeopardize that!

Just discovered that it's possible to make money doing online editing, which I could do from home so I am looking into that because that would be ideal. If I don't find a teaching job, then I can hopefully find an EA job and make money writing/editing from home.

The boy is huge. He is over 3 feel tall and just amazing. He is rarely still from the time he wakes up until he goes to sleep at night. Makes me tired just watching him.

I am still working food-service part-time. It has been very slow so I'm not working much. Plus I am sick of it. Wonder how much money I could make developing press-kits for musicians or testing products and writing reviews???

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