Sunday, July 20, 2008

Overheard in my living room today

I asked Quincy this morning how old he is. I know he knows the answer to that. We tell him all the time that's he's three for one thing. He should know. He told me that he's 15. I said, "No, you're three." He looked at me and yelled, "NO, I AM NOT! I AM 15!!!" I shut up. No point in arguing with a 3 year old who was apparently hopped up on sugar. Guess that lemonade has more sugar in it than I think!

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Wendy said...

When Noah was 2 he insisted his name was Jackie Chan. It went on for months! The daycare teachers had to call him Jackie Chan or he wouldn't even respond. We were signing in at the doctor's office one day and they asked me his name, so I told them, and he yelled, "It's JACKIE CHAN!!" They still joke with us about it!