Monday, July 21, 2008

My child, the shell pusher

Quincy discovered my husband's stash of pistachios this morning. They are not shelled pistachios. He ate the first one shell and all. Then he got caught and I told him that you aren't supposed to eat the shells. All I heard in response was "crunch, crunch, crunch."

I might have told him next that I could no longer get any of the shells off and to go ask his father, who is half asleep. Now I keep hearing, "Daddy, take the shell off this." Over and Over.:)

He's also been pushing shells on the dog, except he kept saying, "No, Maynard, don't eat the shells" while he pushed shells into the dog's mouth. The poor dog ate one and then ran into the kitchen and drank a bunch of water.

On the job front, there are still no teaching jobs here in English, which is what I am certified in. So I called a few schools in Nashville today and emailed some principals. Hopefully, I'll get an interview or two. School starts in two weeks!

I only make this face when I eat pistachio shells!!

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