Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why I need to proofread

Okay, well, I just sent out 6 emails to 6 principals because they have Educational Assistant positions open. There is a glaring typo in at least 3 of them and I spelled the name of one school wrong. Yeah. No wonder I don't have a job yet.

On a positive note, Cass at Cass Just Curious is having her baby now!!


Wendy said...

Yeah, that might not make a great first impression. Maybe you could send another email and woo them with your charm.

Jennie said...

Hey....I just saw that you read my post and commented, wondering if I know you or not. Thanks about the info on the TB test and such, I am very familiar wtih how this is all done. Thankfully school does not start until Aug. 11 with kids, so I should be completely set by then.