Saturday, July 26, 2008

Party!! Party!!!

My sister's birthday is this week. She'll be 32. I'm sure she'll appreciate my mentioning that.:) Today is her party. Quincy is very excited, except he keeps asking if we're going to have a party for him, too with presents and everything. Every time I say, "No," I get yelled at. Guess he thinks he deserves a party for all the pottying he's been doing lately.

I thought he'd never use the potty. He'll be 4 in November and I thought he'd still be in pull-ups around the clock, but he had other ideas I guess. We just took away his diapers and pull-ups except for at night and he started pottying. Yeah, he forgets sometimes, but he usually gets there in time. We always clap and make a big deal out of it so he thinks we should have a grill-out and cake for him. Oh, and a present, too!

Maybe we should. A Potty Party.:)


Wendy said...

Good for him! Maybe you should have a party for him. In fact, I think when Tripp is big enough that might be the incentive we use.

susan said...

We might one day. It wasn't today though. He threw a screaming fit when faced with the potty chair that attached to the big potty. He refused to use it so we put a pull-up on him eventually. This was at my grandparents. Makes me wonder what he'll do when preschool goes back next month. I foresee a lot of wet pants.:)