Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Amazing how the Internet can touch you

i just discovered a blog yesterday that is beautifully done. It has amazing pictures, but what most catches your eye is the current post detailing the plane crash that the author (Nie Nie) and her husband were involved in on Saturday. They have small children and there are pictures of them on her blog. It's called The Nie Nie Dialogues and it's just so touching.

Her sister has updates posted on her blog, which is called c jane enjoy it. Reading those updates will make you tear up. She also has posted ways that the family can be helped as they are facing skin grafts and rehab from the extensive burns sustained in the crash.

You can read about the family at either site. They are the Nielsons and I hope that they end up okay after all of this. Please go read about them and think happy thoughts for them.

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