Sunday, August 31, 2008


I am so absorbed in all of the Hurricane Gustav coverage. It's all I've been watching when not working. We have a friend who was living in New Orleans, but he came back several days ago in anticipation of this storm. I don't think he plans to move back even when it has passed.

My grandmother and uncle live on the Gulf Coast of Florida so I always watch these things closely. They are near Tampa. From what I've seen, that area is south of the area under a Tornado Watch until tomorrow morning. I'm guessing they will just get lots of rain.

Tropical Storm Hanna is just behind this thing and may hit the East Coast. At least, that is what CNN said. My family vacations on an island outside Charleston, South Carolina each year so I will probably watch coverage of that storm also.

I am kind of a weather junkie. I always watch these things. I worry about my family and friends that are in the path of such storms. I'm not the only one, right?


Wendy said...

I really hope Hannah does come up this way. I've been loving the cloudy rainy weather we've been having. Of course, I also hope it's not a strong hurricane, but if it stays seaward for that long it seems like it would be. What island? Hilton Head? Edisto? Those are the two most popular ones off of Charleston.

susan said...

Edisto. They love it. They stay in Aiken on the way though.:)