Monday, August 11, 2008

Quincy is Crazy

He may not look like it, but really, what child runs around with small scissors trying to cut everything?? Or eats Cheetos with chopsticks? All while not wearing pants?

Everything is back to normal here!! He's even asking for food that isn't soft and eating it without complaint. Of course, I didn't give him the Frito's he wanted. Too hard for newly crowned teeth.

He drove my sister nuts last night I think. He apparently got into the guinea pig cage and scared poor MoeMoe the guinea pig. They don't like being cornered. Then she took off his bandaid and, in his words, "I did not want her to. I told her not to. So I chased her into Ashleigh's room and onto the bed...." He stopped at that point. It's probably made up, don't you think?


Bragger said...

I get so busy lamenting my relationship with my daughter that I forget to be thankful that she wasn't a boy! Ha ha ha ha. Your Quincy is a doll. Sometimes I miss having a little one around. But mostly not....I'm too old.

susan said...

You're welcome to borrow him for a few hours anytime you come through here. Hey, the Hot 100 is coming up later this month. Come ride in that. I'm sure he'll be free that weekend.:)