Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Big Day

I've been spending time with Quincy the past few days. He's very funny and he asks just the cutest things except one question begets another and another and another. I usually ask him why he asks so many questions. He never answers me. He just asks another question. Normally, they are about his two obsessions--air conditioners and anything involved in construction.

Tomorrow, he has a very big day. We took him to a dentist about a year ago, but they did not want to frighten him so they did not clean or x-ray his teeth, even though I said that there were these spots on two of his molars. The dentist said that they were stains and not to worry about them. Even though I pointed out to the man, who was my childhood dentist, that my molars did not close correctly when I was a baby so I had 4 crowns at a very young age.

Fast forward to June of this year when we took Quincy to another dentist here. (Yes I know it had been almost a year since he went) This dentist was thorough. He cleaned his teeth and x-rayed. Those were not stains. They were cavities and two were down in the tooth pulp. These were, coincidentally, on the same two teeth I pointed out to the other dentist. He has four other minor cavities--very tiny. Tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. my baby, who has never set foot in a hospital since being born, gets put under to have crowns and fillings. I will be freaking out in the waiting room. I hope it doesn't take long. but they have to drill and make crowns that fit right and do whatever else is involved. I have a bad feeling it will take a while. Plus Quincy has reacted in weird ways to stuff (he's allergic to penicillin and neither of us are) so what if he's allergic to the anesthesia?? What then?? They'll have to sedate me. :)

Think about us tomorrow morning. I'll be chewing my lip in a waiting room.

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Anonymous said...

How sad, that POOR BABY! That first dentist should have his license pulled, a cavity is pretty basic, you'd think he would know wha one looks like.
Any kind of anesthetic is scary when it's your baby going under... keep us updated!