Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Day in Bullets

I have a big, rambling post in my head, but it's all philosophical and I'm too tired to state it clearly, so here's the breakdown of my day:
  • Number of hours Quincy actually slept last night: 3
  • Number of hours he spent moaning in his sleep every 2 minutes: at least 2, maybe 3
  • Number of hours I slept: maybe 4
  • Number of hours the husband slept in blissful ignorance: around 8
  • Number of times I was annoyed at work tonight: 5+
  • Number of times I was called a trouble maker: once
  • Number of times I was called an angry young woman: once

Two people actually called me young tonight. One thought I was 26. It made my night. Well, that, and the fact the Quincy is asleep in his bed right now not moaning (I probably just jinxed myself there!)

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