Monday, August 18, 2008

I Saw the Painting on the Wall

We are in the midst of potty training. I think we're doing pretty good and then we have days like the yesterday. It was a difficult potty day I guess since Quincy may have pooped in the potty once. May. If he did, it was after I went to work. This is what happened before:
  • one poop in the nighttime pull-up before I even took it off
  • one poop in the training pants I out on next because he "just didn't feel like pooping in the potty"
  • another poop in the pull-up he had on for maybe 10 minutes in order to go somewhere (we have to quit using those in the daytime)
After that last poop, but before I had discovered and changed it, he came up to me dancing around and grinning and I suspiciously said, "What did you do?" I know from past experience that dancing and grinning are usually bad.

He answered me, "There's poop on your wall..he he he" and giggled for a full minute.

I said, "What?!!"

He said, "There's poop on your wa..all" and grinned angelically.

Indeed there was. A lovely fingerpainting done entirely in poop.

Edited to add: I highly recommend this poop post by Temptingmama!


Wendy said...

Thank God my kids never finger painted with it! But Tessa used to poop on her bedroom floor. She would even take off her diaper or panties to do it.

Training pants are BAD BAD BAD! I used them with Noah and thought I would never get him out of them. I use diapers with Tessa at night because she still pees at night.

This is going to be a long comment, and I'm sorry, but I have to tell you what I did with Tessa to potty train her.

Get a small clear jar with a lid and cut a hole in it. Put a handful of coins in it. Every time Q pees in the potty give him 5 coins. Every time he poops in the potty give him 10. If he pees or poops elsewhere, take the same amount away.

Tell him when he fills the jar he gets to buy a toy with the money. Of course, be prepared that you may have to pitch in, but don't tell him. Ask him what he wants to buy in the beginning and remind him of it every time you add coins.

If you know what he wants is going to cost say, $20, when the jar is full, pretend to count it all, then give him a $20 bill and take him to the store to spend it.

And it's not bribery. As adults, we are paid to do a good job, or miss out on pay if we don't do a good job. So don't let anyone make you feel guilty about it. If it means no more poop fingerpaintings, it's definitely worth it.

susan said...

That's not a bad idea. Wonder if my mom has a big jelly jar? If not, I have the jars I made jam in.

Wendy said...

Just remember not to make the jar too big. It'll take forever to fill up if you do. lol.