Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Day in the Life

Well, today was interesting--in the way that life with a 3 year old always is. He got up later than usual and I was very happy for that. The 6:30 wake-up time was killing me. Once he ate though, he was ready to go and do something. First, though, he had to ask me difficult questions. Let me see if I can put this delicately. He asked, "Mommy why does something in my diaper area keep getting big?" That actually sounds worse than the way he put it--kind of. He used the words "peepee" and "h%*d." I'm trying to avoid weird google hits though. Anyway, I told him that that's just something that happens to boys. I guess that satisfied him because he didn't ask again. How would you have explained this? I mean, he's 3. I don't think it needed to get too graphic.

Next, he got it in his head that he needed his big dump truck in from outside. I said, "No, it's covered in dirt." I tried the "it's too cold outside to go get it" argument. That one didn't fly. In no time, I heard the back door open and out went my naked from the waist down little boy with no shoes on. It actually was chilly so he came right back in. Of course, he only came in to get dressed and go back out.

Then, we were off to Walmart. I never know if it will be a good trip to the store or not. It depends on how many times we say, "No." 2 weeks ago, he had to be taken out to the car until he calmed down. This time, he only got really upset when his daddy pushed the cart. I have no idea why. If I wasn't pushing the cart, then he was screaming and carrying on for me to do it. I never push the cart. We got out of there for under $100 so it was pretty good. Afterwards, he tried to run wild through Panera Bread, but was caught before he got far.

Do your kids try to run off in public? Do they laugh about it as they run away? What do you do? I've tried just not chasing him, but he's so stubborn that he just goes further and further away. Supposedly, they want to be chased. It's a game. Quincy apparently just wants to run away.

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